The best Camera Lens Canon EF 24 70mm | Zooming with

by - April 16, 2020

Canon EF 24 70mm Lens

The best Camera Lens Canon EF 24 70mm | Zooming with

The best Camera Lens Canon EF 24 70mm L-series zoom lens is a general purpose lens for use with most of the company’s digital and film SLR’s.

A replacement for the seasoned 28-70mm f/2.8 lens, the EF 24-70mm features several improvements over its predecessor.

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TheCanon EF 24 70mm lens flavor is an accessory all Canon SLR enthusiasts should have stashed in their camera bag.

This particular L-series lens (which could be considered one of the Rolls-Royce’s of Canon lenses) from Canon has a max aperture of 1 to 2.8, which dictates that very few uncollimated rays are admitted: the result being a much sharper photo.

The horizontal field of view in the Canon EF 24 70mm is 84 to 34 degrees and the diagonal field of view is a generous 74 to 29. Depending on the zoom-level, the lens is great for ultra-wide panoramas, vignettes, macros, tilt-shift and even re-photographical shots.

Furthermore, the lens’s innovative UD glass lens element, the 16-element lens construction, focus ring that turns with precision, and extra sealant/gaskets all contribute to the lens’s extra creative abilities as well as its robust durability against harmful items like dust and moisture.

Regardless of whether digital or film camera is used, shots come out beautifully. Ultra-high contrast and very low aberration contribute to the lens’s sharp focus at all focal lengths–the latter of which range from 24, to 28, to 35 and 50, to 70mm.

Canon EF 24 70mm lens features

  • Focal length of the Canon EF 24 70mm lens: 24-70mm
  • The lens is constructed of 16 elements in 13 groups
  • The Canon EF 24 70mm lens has a maximum aperture: 1:2.8
  • The lens has a diagnoal angle of view of 74 to 29 degrees
  • The lens can be focused as close as 1.25 feet
  • The Canon EF 24 70mm lens has a rotating type zoom system.
  • This compact design is only 3.3 inches in diameter and 4.9 inches long
  • The lens weighs 2.1lbs
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Is it Worthy?

The Canon EF 24-70mm SLR lens is a solid value in Canon’s venerable L-series line of lenses in terms of bang for buck and promising innovation. While the weight may be a slight issue for some, that’s a small price to pay for a lens that is constructed this well and that offers such an exceptional spectrum of options.

Canon EF 24 70mm current owners have to say:

Customer Mark D. Pashia seems very satisfied with his Canon EF 24 70mm lens:

Paraphrasing his review: Mark stipulates that the Canon EF 24 70mm SLR lens is perfectly aligned with Canon’s legacy of producing top-grade cameras and interchangeable lenses. He says that the lens is quick to focus and brings out real-life colors. Furthermore, Mark exclaims that this particular lens is even superior to his 100-400mm telephoto lens and negotiates every f/stop with ease and precision.

Mark says that he essentially bought this lens for landscape and scenery photos. He also insists that the camera has no trouble isolating even far-away items with the lens. The only thing that Mark, and other users, have issue with is the lens’s weight: a slightly hefty 2.1 lbs. Mark uses a Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR and he gives the Canon EF 24 70mm standard lens a five-star out of five rating.

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