How to Buy a Good Digital Camera, Read This Article | ZeeZoom

by - April 15, 2020

How to Buy a Good Digital Camera, Read This Article | ZeeZoom

If you want to buy a good camera then read this article once. Useful Tips on Buying a Good Camera

Almost everyone has become a photographer since cameras became commonplace, and especially since camera has arrived in mobile. Many people want to capture every moment in the camera. Some make great photos and some just aim to "annoy" the camera. Many people go on to create pictures in pictures, rather than creating creative, artistic or special things or things. I think it's better to say "photo on the picture" rather than photography without subject photography. Anyway, to start being a good photographer, to step into the world of photography, to paint real pictures and especially to do "photography," the creative kind of "photography", so that you and some of us Learn and see the world in a new way.

Although I am still a student of photography, many companions ask for guidance about buying a camera. Often my answer is that if a freshman is fond of photography with a good camera, then any company with an "early stage" of their budget (money allocated for this task) Buy a DSLR Camera And if you are already doing photography with a good camera then you are certainly not a beginner and certainly know what you want to do in photography now and which camera is better for it. That was the answer I give briefly. But now we come to the basics of cameras rather than briefs. Which will determine which camera to buy.

Need and price

How to Buy a Good Digital Camera, Read This Article | ZeeZoom

So even the new guy wants to buy a good camera, but good camera prices are "high." So it's best to first look at what kind of photography you want to do and how much money you can spend on this task. Choose the type of camera and model you want to keep in mind. By the way, sometimes a person becomes quite a victim.

For example, suppose a camera is getting five thousand, then a good six thousand. Now the man thinks that where I am spending five thousand, adding one thousand more, I will get a good camera. As he raises his budget he sees that there is another good camera that is getting seven thousand. Now he plans to raise more budget.

I don't think that should be done because the camera models are so high that there is a slight price difference between each one and so doing the five to ten thousand thing is very high. So, my advice is to buy the right camera to suit your needs and budget, instead of hitting high jumps. Anyway, you need to take care of what you need to do in photography, like buying a camera.

What is it that tanks are not purchased for bird hunting, but air guns are sufficient for this purpose? Some people think that the only thing to buy is to buy from the good. In my opinion this is not true either, because the first student should start from the first grade and second, when the excess is purchased, many functions are left useless for a long time, while their cost It has already been paid. In addition, after a while new models come in, then man looks at these new things. It is better to buy the appropriate item as per today's requirement and when tomorrow the need is greater then the new item will be purchased according to the need.

Pixels and sensors

The most important thing in cameras is the size and type of Mega Pixels and Image Sensor. Basically any image is made up of a set of very small hints of different colors. These points are called pixels. When buying a camera where the pixels are viewed, you also have to look at what kind of image sensor it is and what its size is. Simply put, we can say that two cameras of one megapixel whose sensor is larger will have a better image.

In addition, it is necessary to check the sensitivity of the sensor, ie the minimum and maximum ISO. The wider the ISO's scope then the better.

Lens Aperture and Zoom

Lens aperture and zoom play a vital role in the camera. Different apertures and zooms are required to create different types of images. Must see the minimum and maximum aperture and zoom when purchasing a camera or lens. Be aware that there are two types of zoom. One is optical and the other digital. The original zoom is optical while the digital zoom enlarges the image, which reduces the image quality. There are so many different types of lenses in the market today. Many books can be written on the lens only. Since this writing is for basic guidance, there is enough of it. Will talk about this in another post.

Shutter Speed

When buying a camera it is also important to see where the shutter speed is from and how much power the photographer is being given. The wider the scope of the shutter speed, the better. Because sometimes moving objects require more shutter speed to create a picture and sometimes less shutter speed is needed to create a good image in low light.

Image Modes

When buying a camera, be especially careful about what mode of imagery is available. Usually the cameras have an automatic mode, but it remains to be seen how much option the photographer is being given for the exposure settings. In good cameras, the photographer is given full manual option. Allowing him to make changes to the shutter speed, aperture and ISO to create a custom image.

Weight and Volume

A lightweight and easy-to-use camera is easy to handle. But be aware that in the current situation, cameras with higher functions also have more weight and volume. So first look at your need in photography and then prioritize the camera with its light weight and volume.

Models, spare parts, resells and repairs, etc. (Model, Spare part, Sale and Service)
When buying a camera, be sure to check if the model is new or out of date. Don't buy an older model camera, as it may later have trouble repairing, reselling or getting accessories. In addition to buying a camera, be sure to know what its spare parts or lenses are. Whether its lenses and other accessories are more expensive than the rest. Also note the resale, ie, if the first camera has to be sold, can it be a good sale or not? Is it possible to repair any further faults? Is the company giving warranty or not? If giving, how long and what is the warranty? When buying a camera you must get answers to all these questions and then decide accordingly.

Other Functions and Features

When buying a camera, the above functions and features are just what everyone needs. In addition, different types of functions and features are preferred for different types of photography. Outdoor photography, for example, likes cameras that endure climate change. A few more functions should be taken into consideration when buying a camera. Such as flashlight, separate flash hotspots, Wi-Fi, GPS, touch screen, image stabilization, RAW file support, how many frames per second to create video, separate microphone placement, climate change Whether protection and how many photos are made of a one-time battery charge, etc ...

People Reviews

There are different views of cameras on the Internet. People must first think about the type or model of camera you want to buy. This will give you an idea of ​​how good and durable the camera is.

A version for buying a camera

How to Buy a Good Digital Camera, Read This Article | ZeeZoom

Often people become overwhelmed with the purchase of a camera or anything. What is it that one has one function and not the other, while the other has a function that is not in the first? In such a situation, the human does not know what to buy. The best way to do this is to assign the number to the function that is most important to you and then compare it with a table. For example I will allocate ten numbers to megapixels, sensors, apertures and shutter speed. Then I will give the rest of the functions two or three while counting the battery, GPS and climate change due to the imagery during tourism, because during the tourism the battery and location with each image ( Location) is a very useful function for me. Likewise, it is important to endure climate change. However, by assigning the total number to each function, I will then compare the different cameras to find out how much of a function it is and how many of the total numbers it receives. After that I will collect the numbers of all the functions and thus the camera will get more numbers, I will buy it.

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